Welcome to a Calm Place (Part I)

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This self-paced course contains an introduction to calmness meditation, the basis for insight into the experience. All of us experience periods in which we seem to lose control, almost as if external events require us to respond in various ways. Calmness meditation is a key life skill here, allowing more control and flexibility in our range of responses. This is the part one subject of a series of eight half-hour classes, entitled ‘Welcome to a Calm Place’, in which a set of simple three-minute daily exercises introduce the state of calm. In learning to manage our habit of reacting reflexively to external events, we find a more spacious way of living and create a platform to generate a more creative way of life. 


Lessons 1: Introducing Concentration with a Candle

Lessons 2: Distinguishing Vitaka from Vicara with Bell

Lessons 3: Working with the Breath

Lessons 4: White Ball

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Three Minutes a Day: A Fourteen-Week Course to Learn Meditation and Transform Your Life by Richard Dixey


Dr. Richard Dixey

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