Searcher Reaches Land’s Limits (Part 5)

LEVEL 2 (For continuing students only) - Tuesdays, May 2nd-June 6th, 10:00-11:30 AM PT

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This is a continuation course for students who have taken Searcher Reaches Land’s Limits (Section 1-4).

Mind itself has rarely been the subject of serious observation and sustained inquiry. This can reveal a way of understanding that dissolves our problems and blossoms into creative freedom. As it is, beset by misunderstanding, our world staggers from one crisis to the next. Imprisoned by our own concepts, blind to the effects they have on our behaviors, it’s hard to find a way forward. The path of understanding addresses these problems directly. We’ll begin with how mind can examine mind, then explore inner narratives. Then, we’ll deepen our understanding of the ongoing relationship between what we see and what we think, revealing a freedom within mind that is totally unexpected.


Classes meet online for six weeks, for one and a half hours a week. Classes are recorded and you will have access to the recordings for your personal use only. Each week, there will be a short lecture followed by experiential practices and discussion. Weekly handouts will provide inspirational readings and the instructions you need to continue your experiential learning at home. An online chat room gives you the optional ability to meet and dialog with your fellow students.

Weekly Topics 

Week 1: A dialogue

Week 2: Ladder of Understanding

Week 3: Tracking back the How

Week 4: Self Mastery

Week 5: Knowledgeability

Week 6: Revelation of Mind

Readings from 

Searcher Reaches Land’s Limits, Volume II by Dr. Richard Dixey


Dr. Richard Dixey 

Teaching Assistant

Kunzang Dechen Wangmo

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