Practicing Embodiment: A Different Approach, Gesture of Great Love

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Mastery – Level 300 Course – Prerequisite: Level 200 Program completed 

Dates and Times

Term 1: Saturdays, September 9th-October 21st, 10:30-11:30 AM PST

Term 2: Saturdays, November 4th-December 16th, 10:30-11:30 AM PST

Term 3: Saturdays, January 13th-February 24th, 10:30-11:30 AM PST

Term 4: Saturdays, March 9th-April 20th, 10:30-11:30 AM PST

Term 5: Saturdays, May 4th-June 15th, 10:30-11:30 AM PST


When you offer a gesture of love, a hug and a kiss, you are doing something new, leaving your old ‘I’ behind.

Tarthang Tulku, Gesture of Great Love, Light of Liberation

Over five terms, Practicing Embodiment takes a deep dive into the “different approach” found in Rinpoche’s newest book, Gesture of Great Love [GOGLO]. We will engage in sustained and playful dialogue and inquiry, relaxation and exploration, close work and reading; and as Tarthang Tulku suggests sharing, showing, and shining. As we cultivate joy and appreciation we open into ease, unknowing and knowledgeability—unfolding the potential of our being. In short, we will practice “clearing a space for hugs and kisses, joy and wonder, to emerge” (xvi). In companionship, and developing friendship with ourselves, we practice embodiment.

Recommended: Concurrently taking Friday’s Gesture of Great Love class.


Classes meet online for five terms, seven weeks each term, 1 hour a week. Close work with text, exercises, spacious hugs and kisses, and knowledgeability.  For advanced students at Dharma College. Classes are recorded and accessible for six months. An online community portal gives you the option to meet and be in dialogue with your fellow students.

Weekly Topics

Term 1

Week 1: Introduction: A Way to Begin  

Week 2: Three Approaches to Hugs and Kisses

Week 3: Taking an Honest Look through Caring Eyes

Week 4: Seeing Patterns in Action: Reflecting on and Beyond the Personal 

Week 5: Developing Special Gratitude

Week 6: Exploring the Connection between Joy, Open-heartedness, and Presence

Week 7: Cutting through Delusion

Term 2

Week 1: Releasing Commitment to Pre-established Truth

Week 2: Territories of Experience

Week 3: Possibleimpossible: Space without Boundaries

Week 4: The Language Deal: Hidden, Inner Stage

Week 5: Inner Stage, and Tuning into the Field of Perception  

Week 6: Identity- Making and the Energy of Communication

Term 3

Week 1: Opening Awareness

Week 2: Like a Dream, A Rainbow, A Mirage

Week 3: Residual Game Playing, and No One Having Experiences.

Week 4: Suppose There Were Another Way

Week 5: Opening into Rhythms, Relaxing into Being: More Mind Magic

Week 6: Silent Field of Light; Endless Manifestations

Week 7: Embodying Your Own Caring

Term 4

Week 1: Time’s Process and Regime of Mind

Week 2: Untethering from the Temporal Dynamic

Week 3: Story-time, Cause and Effect, and the Cloaking of the Immediate Instant

Week 4: Opening Up Need and Tension: Embracing

Week 5: Present to Experience

Week 6: Walking in the Field of the Instant

Week 7: Embracing Appearances and Letting Them Dissolve

Term 5

Week 1: A New Way of Understanding

Week 2: Meditation on Human Nature

Week 3: Lotus Petals, Opening

Week 4: Knowledgeability, Bubbles

Week 5: Open, Zero, Instant

Week 6: Mirror

Week 7: Light

Readings From

Gesture of Great Love by Tarthang Tulku

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