Dharma College Annual Practice Retreat – Opening the Heart of Time: Dwelling in Presence, Living in the Instant

Open to all Dharma College students!

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This July, we are offering an opportunity to spend three days together at Dharma College in the heart of Downtown Berkeley or by Zoom. This hybrid retreat will be focused on bringing together the major themes presented at Dharma College, with a focus on retreat and practice. Understanding Time at a deeper level is a gateway to more liberating ways of being. Whether it’s referred to as the Infinitesimal Instant, Great Time, or the Now, Time is an integrative theme for deepening and Understanding. In this retreat, we will engage in exercises and practices to open the ‘hidden dimensions’ at the Heart of Time. 

Each day will have two-morning sessions, exercises, and meditation practices in the afternoon. Retreat faculty will include senior instructors Abbe Blum, Robin Caton, Richard Dixey, Wangmo Dixey, as well as Bob Dozor, Jonathan Clewley, Ron Purser, and guest instructor Bob Pasternak. The Theme of this retreat will be Opening the Heart of Time:  Dwelling in Presence, Living in the Instant. 


In Person: $450 (includes lunch on three days)

Hybrid: $350 (Zoom Participants)

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$ $ 350 - 450

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