Transforming Negativity; Finding Goodness in Every Act

Mondays, January 9th-February 13th, 5-6pm PDT


We often start a new job or project with high levels of awareness, enthusiasm, willingness and commitment. Why does this inevitably fade over time causing us to take our opportunities for granted? How does negativity seep into our work and significantly decrease our ability to accomplish something of value? Join us as we explore how to open to the field of possibilities again. As we learn to rebalance our internal resources, full potential can begin to be unleashed. Work becomes deeply fulfilling.


Classes meet online for six weeks, for one hour a week. Classes are recorded and you will have access to the recordings for your personal use only. Each week, there will be a short lecture followed by experiential practices and discussion. Weekly handouts will provide inspirational readings and the instructions you need to continue your experiential learning at home. An online chat room gives you the optional ability to meet and dialog with your fellow students.

Weekly Topics

Week 1: Recognizing Negative Patterns 

Week 2: Challenging Negativity

Week 3: Waking up to Goodness

Week 4: Opening Time through Awareness

Week 5: Welcoming Fulfillment

Week 6: Developing Concentration

Readings From

Mastering Successful Work


     “Mastering Successful Work”

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