Searcher Reaches Land’s Limits (Section 4)

Wednesdays, August 31- October 5 11-12:30 PM (PDT)

Ron Purser · July 5, 2022

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For all those who took Searcher Reaches Land’s Limits (Sections 1-3) this new course based on the second volume of the commentary will cover Revelations of Mind (section 4). This flagship course at Dharma College explores how we construct experience moment to moment, leading to a sense of constriction and alienation, and how we can allow our innate freedom to manifest in the center of experience. It is also a powerful call for action to heal our emotional and cognitive embodiment and so be released to help others in an increasingly fractured world. Combining core elements of Asian wisdom traditions with modern analytical insight, this seminal work is a life changing experience for all those who engage with it.

Term 4 The Ground of Experience

a) Ground of experience

    b) Stopping the world

    c) Standing Under

    d) Connecting to a cause

    e) Working with reactivity

    f) Overcoming stoic acceptance

Term 5 Cognizant presence

    a) A dialogue

    b) Ladder of Understanding

    c) Tracking back the how

    d) Path advice

    e) Infinite knowledge-ability

    f) Revelation of Mind

For those looking to start Searcher Reaches Land’s Limit, Dr. Richard Dixey is starting part 1 in September: Searcher Reaches Land’s Limits Begins- Fall 2022

Searcher Reaches Land's Limits VOL. 2 by Richard Dixey is available on Amazon or at Dharma College’s Lotus bookstore. (There is no need to purchase Revelations of Mind; it is contained in the Searcher commentary).

       Searcher Reaches Land’s Limits Part 2


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Ron is the author/editor of eight books and over 60 peer-reviewed academic articles. His latest book, McMindfulness: How Mindfulness Became the New Capitalist Spirituality, was published by Repeater Books/Penguin Random House. He is the editor of the Handbook of the Ethical Foundations of Mindfulness and the Handbook of Mindfulness. He began studying at the Tibetan Nyingma Institute in Berkeley in 1982 when he enrolled in the 10-month long Time, Space and Knowledge (TSK) program. He has also completed the teacher trainings for TSK, Full Presence Mindfulness, and the Lotus Trilogy.

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