Practicing Embodiment, Field Work

Saturdays, Starting May 14 (no class June 4 and 11) 10:30-11:30 AM
Abbe Blum · March 17, 2022

Once the background opens up, discloses its baselessness—for baseless ultimately means “open”—then it becomes a field; and there is no measuring its depth.

Lotus Mind  p. 279

During this one-hour weekly class, students of Rinpoche’s Lotus Trilogy engage in contemplations and activities that help unbind and unwind the regime of mind’s production process. What is it like to settle into a home in which knowledge is integrated into our lives? As we activate wide-angle seeing, as deeper senses open up, changes in understanding and experience materially affect our conduct. If you have taken courses in the Trilogy and are looking for how to continue this study, you are welcome to join this practice. Each semester will take up one of the Lotus books: Lotus Mind  in May. 


Week 1 May 1  Clinging to the Light Shed by a Candle

Week 2 May 7  Ocean Mind 

Week 3 May 14  Conducting and Manifesting Knowledge 

Week 4 May 21 All of Us Who Can Say “I” were Fooled  

Week 5 May 28 Making Friends with Our Scare-tactics  

Week 6 June 18 Rhythm, Momentum, Transition 

Week 7 June 25 The Jewel in the Lotus: How our Points Open  

What a student will learn:

Engaging in opportunities to open meanings given, mind pronouncing, sound’s rhythms manifesting, language’s pointing-out directions, and the rule that everyone accepts. 

           Lotus Language Book           



About Instructor

Abbe Blum

Abbe holds a B.A. from UC Berkeley, an M.A. from Cambridge University in England, where she was a Marshall scholar, and a Ph.D. in English literature from Yale University. As an Associate Professor at Swarthmore College, she taught Shakespeare and intensive writing seminars. She currently teaches in the School of Psychology and Interdisciplinary Inquiry at Saybrook University. She has been studying Buddhism since the 1970s and has taught at various TNMC locations since 1998.

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