Mindful Working: Using Work as a Path for Complete Personal Transformation

Wednesdays, May 25-June 29th, 3-4 PM (Pacific Time)
Wangmo Dixey · March 21, 2022

“A wonderful course with wonderful classmates. A profoundly refreshing approach to work, better and far deeper than the usual professional growth workshops.”

Student Testimonial, Martha’s Vineyard California, March 2022

“The course is gentle and subtle, but there are so many useful resources that one can use in a very practical way.I would recommend this course without hesitation. I will be definitely doing the follow up course. Lastly I would like to say, that Wangmo,is an amazing facilitator and teacher.” 

-Student Testimonial, South Africa, March 2022

Content of the Course:

During this time of uncertainty and adversity, you might wonder how to fully integrate your spiritual values into your work.  Skillful Means is a path of personal inner transformation that brings more joy, meaning and balance into your work life.  This produces outer transformations that support great accomplishment and benefit to many people.  It is a path of full integration.   Please join us as we open the door to a life of greater meaning and extraordinarily good use of our time.  

Wangmo Dixey, Executive Director of Dharma College has used work as her core practice for the past thirty years. As the eldest daughter of Venerable Tarthang Tulku, she was given tasks that seemed overwhelming and virtually impossible, but with focus and concentration and positive energy she learned how work can become a place for spiritual transformation and accomplishment. The Skillful Means teachings of Tarthang Rinpoche form the core of this course.  The path of Skillful Means is a golden key to transform obstacles and challenges into real opportunities for inner and outer growth.

Each week will focus on a particular aspect of realizing our extraordinary potential of being.


Week 1: Refining Decision Making 

Week 2: Waking up through Discipline

Week 3: Being in the Flow with Good Communication

Week 4: Sharing Knowledge Leads to Working Together

Week 5: Invigorating Positive Energy in our Work

Week 6: Cutting through Excuses into Doing

What you will learn:

-Clarity to envision a pathway to inner and outer growth and transformation

-Tools to create a work life balance

-Skillful Ways to reconnect to purpose and meaning in one’s everyday life

-Create better partnerships at work and home

-Learn to transform challenging circumstances into opportunities for growth

-New ways to use work as a spiritual path for transformation

     “Mastering Successful Work”

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