Lotus Mind 2: Investigating Questing Mind’s Operation

Fridays, Starting September 2nd - October 14th,  10-11:30 AM


During the part 2 of Lotus Mind we begin to open the structures that structure our thinking, and that generate the impulse to seek answers. We trace ways that thought follows language’s model, manifesting positions and possessions and being acted upon. Mind is driven to maintain read-outs, looking for something, drawing upon images of critic and seeker. As we inquire about differences between “I’ and ‘me’; the origin of I; and what sets up the character of thought, we may find different ways to think, conceptualize and experience.


Classes meet online for seven weeks, for one and a half-hour. Classes are recorded and you will have access to the recordings for your personal use only. Each week, there will be a short lecture followed by experiential practices and discussion. Weekly handouts will provide inspirational readings and the instructions you need to continue your experiential learning at home. An online chat room gives you the optional ability to meet and dialog with your fellow students.

There is no homework.

Weekly Topics

Week 1: Ch 9 Captured in Thought

Week 2: Ch 10 Reason Being

Week 3: Ch 11 Seeker Seeking

Week 4: Ch 12 Seeking the Seeker

Week 5: Ch 13 Assuming the I

Week 6: Ch 14 The Characters of Thought

Week 7: Ch 15 Undiscovered Mind

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Lotus Mind

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