Lotus Language, Language and Meaning Part 1

Tuesdays, September 13th- October 18th 10:00-11:30 AM PDT

With words we build the world. So says author Tarthang Tulku in Lotus Language, the second volume in the Lotus Trilogy, in an open inquiry into language, mind, and knowledge. “Tutored by the spirit of language, mind finds a voice.”(LL, p xxii). “In this way, we make reality; for reality as a concept owes its existence to the language frame, and language’s labels give our journey meaning.” (LL, p xxiv) Language sponsors the stories that mind tells to make sense of our lives and the abstractions and relationships it uses to compare things and to create our perceived reality.


Week 1: The Lotus’s Many Petals, and Introduction to Lotus Language

Week 2: Language and Thought 

Week 3: Making Meaning

Week 4: The Frame of Language 

Week 5: Positions and Possessions 

Week 6: The World of Words 

What you will learn:

In this course we examine how identity is established in language and explore the key question: can we learn to communicate more openly and authentically with ourselves and others?

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