Hello to a Calm Place: Learn to Meditate in Three Minutes a Day

Fridays, | June 24th to August 12th 2022, 12-12:30 PM (Pacific Time)

Richard Dixey · March 22, 2022

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“I’ve been struggling to understand how to start with meditation for years. This has been a really profound experience for me and it feels like the start of a whole new path. I am grateful that the virtual format has allowed me to take part despite being in NYC.” Student, 2021

“With the instructor’s guidance I discovered a new dimension to meditation and calm comes instantly in the middle of everything and at anytime. I find that I do not need to “sit quiet” and “do meditation” to find calmness. Thank you Richard for your precise, to the point instructions.” Student, 2021

Content of the Course:

In this summer course, you will learn calmness meditation and finding a base of stillness in the center of all experience. These half-hour classes require no previous knowledge or experience of meditation and only entail a commitment of one or two short meditation sessions per day. 

For anyone who wishes to begin meditation or deepen their meditation practice, this focused course develops a series of simple 3-minute meditations to create a foundation  of calm awareness. Short focused sessions are extremely effective in developing a base for self-awareness and the promotion of inner resilience.

All participants will have access to all recorded courses as they come out each week.


Week 1: The six gates of sensation: three minutes with a candle

Week 2: Clarifying concentration with sound: three minutes with a bell

Week 3: Working with touch: three minutes with the breath

Week 4: Developing the mind gate: white ball

Week 5: Understanding the map: moving to infinity

Week 6: Expanding and contracting: finding the center

Week 7: White and red: becoming stable

Week 8: Relaxing with a smile: resting in the calm state & Taking control of thoughts

What you will learn:

  • How to develop a simple meditation practice you can use for life
  • How to find a calm, centered base in all circumstances
  • How to observe heightened stress and problems and so resolve them
  • How to develop emotional and psychological resilience

About Instructor

Richard Dixey

Richard holds a Ph.D. from London University, an M.A. with distinction in the history and philosophy of science from London University, and a B.A. Hons from Oxford. He was director of the Bioelectronic Research Unit at St Bartholomew’s hospital in London for fourteen years before founding and becoming the Chief Executive of Phytopharm PLC, a biotechnology company listed on the London Stock Exchange. Richard has been a student of Buddhism since 1972 and has traveled extensively in the Himalayas, India and South East Asia. He is currently an advisor to the Khyentse Foundation.

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