Heart of Healing

Thursdays, September 15 to October 20,  5:30-6:30 PM

‘‘Real caring… is a healing essence that can be distilled from experience, in much the same way that skillful cooking can bring out wonderful flavors in our food.”

from Caring, by Tarthang Tulku


This class will touch both head and heart. Medical doctors Bob Dozor MD, and Richard Kingsland MD, will explore how caring can allow students to open into direct communication with self and others. These doctors present participants with the fact that they have more control of their health than they might think. Studying ‘Caring’ will facilitate improving one’s healthy lifestyle and will include experiential practices to open the heart. Two terms (12 classes) will fulfill prerequisite to begin Revelations of Mind in January 2023. Times are hard. This class will evoke healing at both societal and individual levels by promoting communication between head and heart. Caring begins with self-care and then opens into helping others.


The course is part one of two six-week terms. Every Thursdays: 5:30-6:30 PM on Zoom

105 Heart of Healing 1
Week 1: Preface and Introduction to Caring and Awakening to Health
Week 2: Hidden Healer/Addressing the epidemic of prediabetes
Week 3: Caring for Origins/ Environmental and genetic predispositions to disease
Week 4: Urgent Care/ Stress-related origins of disease
Week 5: Careful Attention/ Lifestyle choices
Week 6: Caring for Ourselves/ Motivation and implementing lifestyle choices

105 Heart of Healing 2
Week 1: Sharing Caring/ Community healing
Week 2: Wisdom of Caring 1/ Relaxation and meditation techniques
Week 3: Wisdom of Caring 2/ Relaxation and meditation techniques
Week 4: Caring from the Heart/ Caring for the heart, reducing cardiovascular risks
Week 5: Knowing to Care/ Food, supplements, and health
Week 6: Review and Summing up

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